Thursday, August 6, 2009

Epic Break

)!#(?>RWY*@#T(Q*&~!$#*RY O&@)%&V?A>M~~?<* MY NAIL BROKE. D:

I know. One nail. Not so bad, yes? NO. It is so bad. I can't STAANNNDDD have one nail rediculously shorter than the rest. It wasn't so bad a break... It was more WEIRD than bad. I had just got done buffing my nails and filing and cuticle oiling and all that good stuff, and I looked down at my nails, and the middle on my left hand was busted. The weird thing was that it wasn't a lopsided break, like I usually get, but it was completely straight across. Like, needle sharp edges straight across. Which was almost equally horrifying. I don't like square/rectangluar nails. I really don't like them. I like my nails almond/oval shaped, which is hard to pull off and doesn't ever look right on my uggo nails, but I like them that way. I've never had square nails before, though, so I decided to give it a try. Thus, I cut all my nails square. A little piece of me died inside as I watched the rounded tips fall to the trash can. *wipes away tear*

SO now... They're square... ...I don't know how I feel about it yet. I'm still mourning my oval nails. Even though I know I'm the one who cut them.

I guess that this whole excursion gives me a chance to try Nail Envy. Speaking of, I just figured out that Target sells both OPI AND Essie(!?!?!?!). In limited colors, of course, but still. Considering the only other place to buy OPI and Essie in my town is over an hour away, it's pretty peachy that good ol Target is selling them. Not to mention they sell Seche Vite too... ...which for some reason just makes me mad. D:< *predjudicegrumble*

The naked nails (which, I know, are disugstingly hideous) are when the middle nail broke. I filed the edges so they wouldn't be so creepily sharp when I took the picture. The gold nails are whey they're all square (or as square as I could bring myself to make them). The color is Orly Glitz. 0 points for good naming, as much as I fawn over this gold.

Anyhoo. Have a peachy day ;)

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