Thursday, July 30, 2009

Space Cowboy ;)

Haha. This has nothing to do with space cowboy. Sorry. D:

I really, really like how this turned out. The base polish is black with very tiny silver flecks in it. I bought it for like two bucks when I was on vacation last month-- I had no polish or polish remover, and the stuff I had on was chipping from digging around at the beach. So my dad bought me some from Wal-Mart. :D Aint he great? Anyhow, I put on one coat of Zoya Vegas Freeze and two coats of Zoya Manhattan Mixer on top (they are both such lovely polishes!). It created a really cool shimmer that was yellow-green and purple-silver looking in the light. Kind of a catch your eye, but make you look twice sort of thing. It reminded me of space. By the way, Manhattan Mixer isn't really that bright yellow and opaque-looking in person. I need to do a swatch... but it takes so much of the bottle... T-T boo hoo!! Seche as topcoat, China Glaze as basecoat. I need a thinner sooo freakin bad x_x I abuse my seche terribly..

Anyhoo, have a happy fun-fun super rainbow day, just make sure you don't catch yourself acting gay ;) (And I came up with that all by myself.. I make myself seem like such a butthole sometimes lol)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dolla Bling

Yaay, I'm finally figuring out how to work my camera. :D I'm still gloating to myself about buying a nikon... even if it is a coolpix. Urr. That name makes my spine crawl.

SO ANYWAY I was out galavanting through Wal-Mart a few days ago, and I noticed that they sell Love My Nails polish. Let me tell you, that brand is GHETTO OLD SCHOOL. Mostly for nostalgia, I bought a bottle of this hefty glittery-sequiny topcoatish polish for a dollar. And it was well worth the dollar. As you can see, it's some pretty chunky glitter, and was a little hard to put on because I had to rearrange it so that it wouldn't stick off my free edge. But it's really pretty stuff. It's a little more less sparkly in person, and it's a bit more purple than in the picture. One thing I really liked about it was that it wasn't suspended in clear polish; the actual polish had more of a very light lavender tint to it. Pretty pretty pretty. This is two coats of All That (GUH-GUH-GUH-GEH-TOOOO!) over two coats of China Glaze White on White, with China Glaze basecoat and Seche Vite top coat (both of which desperately need a thinner). That reminds me... I have quite a gripe about China Glaze... but that's for a biatchier day.

So. I would definately tell anybody looking for some cheap blingage to get this stuff.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Facial & friends

So tonight, I *drumroll* CREATED A HOME-MADE FACIAL. I know, I know, you're impressed, especially since like every girl who can has made one.

Anywho, I mixed together a bunch of sugar, lemon juice, and some warmed-up honey. I don't know how much of each was in it, but it was mostly sugar and had just a little honey. I know that sugar is supposed to exfoliate and detoxify your skin, and that lemon juice tones it and helps kill bacteria. I heard somewhere that honey can help kill zits. So I googlized my concauction, decided it was okay, and rubbed the crap all over my face.

It was more like a sand blast than a facial.. Which is mostly my fault. I scrubbed like the devil was in my skin. But, after I rinsed it all off, my face was all nice and soft and felt clean and fresh. :)

While I was doing my sand-blast facial, I had a bunch of raw eggs, oil and limejuice chillin on my head. In a moment where the lines between reason and insanity blurred, I decided to make a home made hair treatment. I wiki'd how to make one, and finding that the only ingredient-- WHOAMIGOSH. No, this is not an ADHD moment, this is actually worth it. I just went outside in my yard to get my dog while my parents are having small group, and what I saw was shocking. MORMONS. IN MY YARD. SITTING IN MY LAWNCHAIRS. TALKING TO MY DAD'S SMALL GROUP. FTW?

I have nothing against mormons... ...they're just really easy to make fun of in a world where a gallery of mocking and fun-poking subjects is hard to find... Seriously, I don't hate mormons. *raises the white flag*

--the only ingredient I actually have was mayonnaise, eggs, and oil. So I mushed together two eggs, a bunch of virgin(lol) olive oil, and some lime juice and poured/combed/somehow manipulated into my hair. I'm not sure if it helped or not; I just finished rinsing it and won't know until tomorrow.

SO. That was my Sunday Adventure. Interesting that on the only day where it says in the bible to rest and not do anything, I do something, and rest and don't do anything every other day. Huh.

SO. After I had rinsed the egg stuff out of my hair the night I did the hair mask, I was very grossed out to find that my hair was rediculously disgustingly greasy and oily looking/feeling, and smelled like rotten eggs and lemonade. Then, I thought, wait, what the crap, I put eggs in my hair, I need to shampoo them out. So that's what I did. I don't think it changed my hair at all. Seriously, it doesn't seem a bit different. It might have been that my hair is already pretty healthy, but I don't know. Either way, I'm not putting eggs in my hair ever again. I think.