Thursday, July 30, 2009

Space Cowboy ;)

Haha. This has nothing to do with space cowboy. Sorry. D:

I really, really like how this turned out. The base polish is black with very tiny silver flecks in it. I bought it for like two bucks when I was on vacation last month-- I had no polish or polish remover, and the stuff I had on was chipping from digging around at the beach. So my dad bought me some from Wal-Mart. :D Aint he great? Anyhow, I put on one coat of Zoya Vegas Freeze and two coats of Zoya Manhattan Mixer on top (they are both such lovely polishes!). It created a really cool shimmer that was yellow-green and purple-silver looking in the light. Kind of a catch your eye, but make you look twice sort of thing. It reminded me of space. By the way, Manhattan Mixer isn't really that bright yellow and opaque-looking in person. I need to do a swatch... but it takes so much of the bottle... T-T boo hoo!! Seche as topcoat, China Glaze as basecoat. I need a thinner sooo freakin bad x_x I abuse my seche terribly..

Anyhoo, have a happy fun-fun super rainbow day, just make sure you don't catch yourself acting gay ;) (And I came up with that all by myself.. I make myself seem like such a butthole sometimes lol)

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